!!!Dave Koelmeyer—Technical Communicator

I'm a technical communicator with an expert eye for detail. I have a singular focus on creating beautiful written and visual content for your business, product, or software project.\\
My services include: 
*Customer documentation and training material

*Technical guides for software installation and administration

* Video screencasts with subtitles and voiceover

*White papers

*Blog posts

*Web copy

*Copy editing

My impeccable written English ability is bolstered by a strong technical background informed by over ten years working in enterprise-scale environments, with lead responsibility for documentation.\\
I have expertise in:

* A wide range of web documentation systems, including associated markup languages and editors (JSPWiki, MediaWiki, Atlassian Confluence, Markdown, Drupal, WordPress)

* Using office productivity software (LibreOffice, Microsoft Word) at an advanced level to create long-form content according best practice formatting techniques

* Using image editing and diagramming software to create original graphical content

* Using video and audio editing software (including Camtasia) to create original video screencast training material

* HTML/CSS manipulation for custom requirements

!!Content samples

[Business Writing]\\
[End User Documentation]\\
[Technical Writing]\\
[Video Screencasting]\\

!!What's new?

* ''2017-10-08:'' added a [new video screencast|Video Screencasting] demonstrating tutorial material created with Camtasia. 

*''2017-08-21:'' added a sample [business white paper|Business Writing] describing the benefits of SuiteCRM—an open source CRM product.

*''2016-11-14:'' added a sample [video training screencast|Video Screencasting] demonstrating how to create editable PDFs using LibreOffice Writer.

*''2016-10-23:'' added a sample [business case|Business Writing] for migrating an organisation to a new office productivity software suite.

*''2016-10-19:'' added a sample [business white paper|Business Writing] describing the benefits of using Ubuntu as a replacement for Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS.

*''2016-10-19:'' added a sample [business white paper|Business Writing] describing the benefits of migrating to LibreOffice for business office productivity.

* ''2016-10-16:'' added a [technical writing sample| Technical Writing] describing how to configure the Openfire instant messaging server to use OpenDJ for LDAP user account authentication.\\


For enquiries contact me at:
* [dave.koelmeyer@davekoelmeyer.co.nz|mailto:dave.koelmeyer@davekoelmeyer.co.nz]

Connect with me on LinkedIn:
* [https://nz.linkedin.com/in/davekoelmeyer]